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The City of Chicago Heights is located in the southwest suburbs of Cook County. According to the 2010 Census, Chicago Heights had a population of 30,276.

As lifelong residents of the southwest suburbs, we take pride in representing people in our community who have been seriously injured or charged with a crime.

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

For over 30 years, we have been representing people who have been injured in:

Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you are arrested for a crime allegedly committed in Chicago Heights, most times your case will be heard at the Cook County Courthouse located at 16501 S. Kedzie Parkway in Markham, Illinois.

We are knowledgeable, experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorneys who have a reputation for fighting for our clients. We use every available means to obtain a favorable result for you. We scrutinize every case to determine if the arrest and the seizure of evidence was lawful, and will request a hearing based upon the Fourth Amendment to have your case dismissed due to unlawful or illegal arrests and searches and seizures of evidence. We also have extensive, successful, trial experience. We represent persons charged with all crimes and violations, including:

Call us for a free initial consultation at 708-966-2408, or send us a message via email. We are experienced Chicago Heights personal injury attorneys and Chicago Heights criminal defense lawyers who work hard to get you the best result possible.

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