Dog Bites in Illinois

Illinois accident attorney, Illinois personal injury lawyer, Illinois wrongful death lawyer,Having a dog can be the most exciting milestone in a family’s life. Being able to play fetch and walk the dog is almost always what a family looks forward to when adopting a dog. Like all other animals, there are requirements and responsibilities on how to take care of the dog, including making sure that its vaccinations are up to date, feeding it, and keeping it from damaging other people’s property.

Rabies Vaccination and Dog Bites

Any dog that has been with its owner for at least four months should be vaccinated against rabies by a veterinarian with a valid license. Within one year of the first round of rabies vaccinations, the dog should be vaccinated again. All other vaccinations for the dog must be compliant with USDA licenses of vaccines administered. If a bite occurs by a dog that is exempt from a vaccination for health reasons, it will be treated as a dog that was not vaccinated, re-examined by a veterinarian will a valid license, and vaccinated against rabies if the dog’s health improves.

Consequences of a Dog Bite

There is frequently a high risk of a dog bite from a dog running at large. Any dog in this state may be apprehended and put in an animal care and control facility. The dog’s owner will be required to pay a $25 public safety fine. If the dog bites a person and causes injury, then the following will occur:

  • The person bitten by the dog must notify a licensed veterinarian immediately;
  • The dog will be confined to under a licensed veterinarian’s supervision for at least 10 days, once the dog has been examined for any diseases including rabies;
  • The dog’s owner must not hide the dog’s whereabouts, put down the dog, or sell the dog until the dog has been examined and released from the veterinarian’s office; and
  • Anyone who hides the dog’s whereabouts, puts down the dog, or sells the dog during the time of confinement will be charged with a Class A misdemeanor for a first violation. Any following violation will consist of a Class 4 felony.

Contact an Orland Park Personal Injury Lawyer

It is always painful to lose a dog if a bite occurs and causes serious injury to another person. You may have worked hard to achieve the common dream of having a dog of your own, only to have it taken away after such travesty. At James A. Payonk, Jr., P.C., we understand your questions and concerns about the consequences of a dog bite on either end and will help get your case started to receive the best outcome possible. To get the help you deserve, call an experienced Orland Park personal injury attorney at 708-633-6005 for your free initial consultation.


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