Hit and Run Deaths Are at an All-Time High

pedestrian-accidentFatalities from hit and run accidents have never been higher in this country, according to a 2018 study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

According to the study, 2,049 people died in hit and run accidents in 2016. This figure is an astonishing 62 percent increase from 2009. AAA reports that 2016 is the year with the most fatalities since 1975 when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began collecting numbers on fatal motor vehicle collisions.

The study found that the states with the highest rates of fatal hit and runs were New Mexico, Louisiana, and Florida. The states with the lowest rates were Maine, Minnesota, and New Hampshire.

What Is a Hit and Run Crash?

A hit and run collision occurs when at least one person leaves the accident without offering appropriate information or help to the other parties. Failing to report the accident can also be considered a hit and run.

It May Be Possible to Find the Person Who Hit You

Although it does not always happen, a driver responsible for the hit and run may be able to be located. A lawyer, the police or your insurance company may have the know-how to carry out this investigation. If the driver is located, not only would he or she be responsible for your injuries and damage to your vehicle, but the driver may also face criminal charges.

In Illinois, when a driver of a car in a collision leaves the scene where someone was injured, he or she can be charged with a felony. A misdemeanor hit and run will result when there was only damage to property.

How Are Victims of Hit and Run Accidents Compensated?

If you cannot find the at-fault of your accident, typically you must file a claim with your own insurance company. This can put you in a somewhat awkward position if you disagree on how much money you need for your injuries to be treated and compensated. For this reason, an attorney can be a useful person to have looking out for your interests.

Contact an Orland Park, IL Hit and Run Attorney

Hit and run accidents present several unique challenges for motorists to get the compensation they deserve. Your injuries should be compensated, and you should get all the medical care you need. It is our goal to make sure this happens.

To get in touch with a helpful Cook County hit and run accident lawyer at our firm, call 708-633-6005 today.




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