Reducing Cell Phone Distracted Driving

Illinios accident lawyer,  Illnois personal injury attorney,Although young drivers are the most attached to their phones, adults drive distracted as well. You are 400% more likely to get into a car accident while using a cell phone, than regular motor use. Although Bluetooth, or hands-free, devices are legal to use on the road for drivers over the age of 19 in Illinois, it is still more dangerous than talking to a passenger in the car.

What If I Need to Use My Phone?

Life continues while you are in the car. If you do need to make a phone call or respond to a text message, Illinois State Police recommend safely pulling over to the shoulder of the road. Although hands-free driving is legal, this does not include talking on speakerphone. The only times a nonhands-free device can be used are:

  • Parked on the road shoulder;
  • To report an emergency; and
  • When the car is in neutral or park during regular traffic.

It is tempting to take a quick look at a cell phone while driving, even at a stop light. However, doing so can put yourself and others in danger. Here are some tips for reducing distracted driving:

  • Team effort: It can be easy to slip up if you are used to using a cell phone while driving. Distracted driving accounts for 1.6 million accidents annually in North America, and a team effort will help change your dangerous habits. Encourage your passengers to scold you for reaching for your cell phone. If a message or call is super important, have a passenger respond on your behalf, so that you can focus on driving.
  • Technology: It may feel like technology is working against us in the car, but there are ways to use modern advances in a smart way. Consider installing a cell phone blocker app on your smartphone. These apps prevent incoming texts, calls, and other notifications when the car is in motion. Individual apps have different functions, but some will send an SMS message alerting a person trying to contact you, that you are behind the wheel.
  • Communicate: If getting in the driver’s seat while in the middle of a text conversation, let the person you are talking to know that you are about to drive, and will thus be unreachable. This takes the pressure off you to respond right away because your family member or friend knows you’re driving are care about safety.

Contact an Orland Park Attorney

Together, it is possible to reduce distracted driving, but accidents will still happen. If you have been affected by the negligence of someone talking on the phone, and have been in a car accident, get in touch with an experienced Orland Park, Illinois personal injury attorney. Set up a free consultation by calling our office at 708-966-2408.



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