Differences Between Motorcycle and Car Accidents

Illinios accident lawyer,  Illnois personal injury attorney,Motorcycles are a unique form of transportation. They offer benefits like fun, are compact, and cheaper to fuel, but unfortunately, they also have a higher risk of fatal injury to the driver. Because the risk is higher while driving a motorcycle, you will see drivers with protective gear such as helmets. Compared to a car there is a lot less in the way between the driver and the road. This is why accidents involving a motorcycle should be handled differently than a collision between two cars.

Although motorcycle accidents took up 1% of accidents in Illinois in 2015, motorcycle drivers made up 14% of all fatalities overall. The percentage of motorcycle drivers injured did decrease, but the percentage of deaths increased from the year prior. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, the majority of motorcyclists that were involved in an accident were driving straight ahead when the incident occurred. Here we will dive deeper into why motorcycle accidents are different than car accidents.

Higher Fatalities and Injuries:  With no protective barrier like a car, a motorcycle driver is more at risk for death and serious injuries. A protective suit can help against minor falls, but a motorcyclist’s body can potentially make direct contact with an oncoming car or truck. This lack of protection opens up to more serious injuries that could permanently damage the driver physically such as brain injury or spinal cord damage. This also makes motorcycle drivers more vulnerable to elements such as potholes and other road hazards.

Blind Spot: Motorcycles are smaller than a standard car, so drivers of larger motorcycles may not see them. If another driver is not paying attention, they might merge right into a motorcycle driver. A car may also not pass motorcycles safely, which can clip the bike.

Motorcycle Stereotypes: Because of the increased risk of injury or death that comes with riding a motorcycle, it is a common misconception that motorcycle drivers are reckless. Often times motorcyclists practice higher safety precautions due to the risks. However, a biased jury may not see the accident that way even with faced with the facts.

Helmets: In Illinois, there are no laws that require motorcyclists to wear a helmet. The argument is that people should be able to wear a helmet at their free will. A helmet is a great safety measure, but it does not cancel out the fault of another driver if the motorcyclist is injured.

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