Signs of Medical Malpractice

Illinios malpractice lawyer, Illinois wrongful death attorney, Illnois personal injury attorney,No matter how sick a patient is, they expect their doctor to listen to their concerns and then prescribe a treatment or course of action. When a doctor or other medical professional makes a mistake that causes harm to the patient it is medical malpractice. When administering care, physicians, nurses, and hospitals have a standard of care to maintain with a patient. The key to a medical malpractice personal injury case is to prove negligence, and that negligence had a negative effect on the patient’s life.

In 2018, Illinois had over $300 Million in payouts having to do with medical malpractice. That averages out to $23.50 per capita and is an 11.49% increase from 2016. Of all paid out claims, 30% resulted in the death of a patient across the United States. Learn to recognize the potential signs of medical malpractice before it is too late.

The most common claim stems from the wrong diagnosis or a failed diagnosis. Both are harmful to a patient because it delays life-saving treatment for potentially curable diseases. For example, a headache does not necessarily mean a patient has a brain tumor. However, if they are displaying additional symptoms, and just treated for migraines – it may be too late once the proper diagnosis is reached. Furthermore, when a wrong diagnosis is made, the course of action may make the patient’s condition worse. If a diagnosis does not feel right, seek a second opinion. Even with getting proper treatment with a new physician, the first doctor can still be sued under negligent conditions

Many medical procedures come with risks. No matter how minor treatment is, a doctor should always inform a patient of any risks and get consent. This way, a patient can make an informed decision of whether to go forward with the procedure. When something goes wrong, and the patient was not aware of the risk, there was no informed consent. A patient would may not gone through with treatment if they knew the risks.

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No one goes to the doctor expecting to get more sick. If a doctor has misdiagnosed you or has shown other forms of negligence, contact an experienced Orland Park medical malpractice attorney today. The loss of health is unacceptable and you deserve compensation for pain and suffering. Set up a free consultation by calling our office at 708-633-6005.


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