Types of Car Accident Injuries

Illinios accident lawyer,  Illnois personal injury attorney, Illinois wrongful death lawyerIt is impossible to get through life without getting injured at some point. An injury may be mild and solved with a band-aid, but on the other hand, a serious injury can put a person out of work for a significant amount of time. Due to the size and force of automobiles, a car accident could put a victim in this situation. The good news is, when a person is significantly injured by someone else, they have been eligible for compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

Personal injury has a wide umbrella of circumstances behind it. A patient who is injured by their doctor may be eligible, or a consumer who got hurt because of a faulty product. The key, in any case, is proving negligence. This is when an individual or company is liable because of their actions. Regarding car accidents, a person who was drinking under the influence, speeding, or otherwise driving recklessly, may be considered negligent in the event of a crash.

A person claiming the victim to a car accident also needs to have pain and suffering due to the other party’s negligence. A case for a small fender bender would not likely end with financial compensation. The following injuries would make a better personal injury case after a car accident.

Head Trauma – A person’s whole existence relies on the brain and nervous system working together. Even after a concussion, that relationship can be affected. In the instance of a skull fracture or brain injury, a person may lose cognitive function and their quality of life can decrease. Unlike a broken bone, head trauma may never fully heal.

Spinal Injury – A back injury can follow a person forever, and damage to the spinal cord can lead to partial or permanent paralyzation. A person who becomes a paraplegic after getting hit by a drunk driver may never be able to return to their current job or may need to purchase a new home fit for a wheelchair.

Burns – If a car accident causes damage to the fuel system of either vehicle, there is a chance for a fire. If a person is trapped or unconscious after an accident, they may be exposed to the fire which can result in burns, PTSD, or death. Severe burns require timely and expensive skin grafting, and a victim’s appearance will permanently change.

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